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Allow students to do excellent original work to the best of their ability

Student success begins here

Maintaining academic ethics

Ensure that students write authentically and that even complex potential academic misconduct is addressed。

Rapid improvement of evaluation efficiency

Provide teachers with tools to simplify the manual grading process and allow them to devote more time to teaching。

Cultivate original thinking

To help develop students' ability to think creatively through high-quality, actionable feedback that can be easily incorporated into teachers' existing workflow。


Use this comprehensive solution to address issues of originality in student work and the recent rise of academic misconduct。

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A scoring system with the latest technology allows you to take and grade all types of ratings from anywhere。

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The comparison tool, which detects high levels of plagiarism risk, is standard kit for academic researchers and publishers。

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Feedback Studio

This tool provides feedback and grading on assignments to foster excellence in writing and academic ethics。

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This powerful and sophisticated plagiarism detection tool is seamlessly integrated into existing workflows。

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